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Team gardens. Plant most of your garden in 1 tray. 400 plants. Each tray can include vegetable and herb varieties along with their companion plants. They can be germinated together as a team. Cooperation. Cooperation in the tray and cooperation planted out in the garden. A team garden can produce many inputs gardeners are relying on from amending their plants growth and health. Doing this saves time and money and collectively cost less energy for gardens. It is a green solution.

Start your TEAM Garden plants in a charged substrate.
A superior starter method for plant growth for seedlings in plugs. Embed your own nutrient recipe, microbial consortium or both. The medium will accept them and house them. This means that you can reduce germination from years to months, months to days, weeks to days and a day or days to hours. Been doing this since 1990 many hundreds of plant varieties in all categories. How long have you been using this method? Give it a shot if your looking for a reliable method. This is a top plug growing method,

If plants are winter hardy & perennial, say hostas as an example. you can store them outside in the cold all winter without worry in their germination tray uncovered. Recommend using garbage cans for outside storage. Prevents rodent interventions, they like polystyrene for nesting. Team Gardens allow for tens of thousands of plants to be germinated, grown to finished plugs thoroughly hardened off for transplanting in an area similar to a linen closet. Our your total vegetable garden can be planned and planted in one tray. The video features a primula seedling.

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Recently polystyrenes were found to be an acceptable exclusive food source for the darkling beetle, in turn another steady food source for the commercial production of consistantly infective, beneficial entomophagus nematodes of insects. Plastic in, worms out.
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