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IrriGarden plug. You can see it has a hardy root system and the foliage is excellent as well. These plugs are UV stable and will last for many years. Considering the ever increasing UV intensity our world is being exposed to it makes good sense to use these for growing any new plants.
Ultraviolet radiation has increased by as much as 30% in the last few decades and it is not declining.

This plugs & tray kit is top gear. Thousands of plant varieties from all their habitats, arboreal, terrestrial or aquatic can be effectively reproduced using it.

This product has earned an excellent track record for many decades and is designed specifically for reusable plant culture cycling. A reliable green choice, hands down.

This is important for all of us. Presently the majority of plastics involved in horticulture and agriculture are use once terminal, the plastic joins as a waste stream that is passed on to the customer, commonly ending up in landfills at best.

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Recently polystyrenes were found to be an acceptable exclusive food source for the darkling beetle, in turn another steady food source for the commercial production of consistantly infective, beneficial entomophagus nematodes of insects. Plastic in, worms out.
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